Automated ethology

Machine learning + ethology, paving the way for a modernized approach to ethology and animal welfare. We develop a smart device based system for automatic recognition of animal behaviour. See more here.


Your robot doesn't have to behave like a human, for it to be socially acceptable. Your dog and cat doesn't, and you still love having them around. See more here. Among other things, I lead the development of Biscee, our social robot.


Regolith Linux

I am a contributor for Regolith Linux, an i3 based desktop environment for Ubuntu.


My very own vim plugin, a frontend for fzf-bibtexcite, for pandoc markdown and LaTeX.

Past projects

Modelling complex biological systems

In Tamás Vicsek's group I worked on modelling collective motion and network based epidemiology.


Vezics is a highly efficient, scalable chromatography platform for high-quality exosome isolation, currently aiming for a minimum viable product, where I was the lead software developer.

Hungarian LaTeX

  • helped create magyar.lbx for biblatex
  • the source of my thesis (for ELTE students who don't want to come up with their own) is here, can be easily changed to Hungarian