UPDATE: This page became obsolete not long after it’s inception so I disabled updates. I suggest looking at for example Our World in Data for better and up-to-date data on the pandemic.Data updated daily about how deaths and infections compare across some select countries. Choose data to start from first infections or first deaths in countries.

Most of the data I’ve seen online is about absolute numbers, which I think is misleading, since different countries have different populations, so the data presented here is normalized by population (although this is misleading in other ways, since the virus is not evenly distributed in countries).

Also, infection data is probably a lot more misleading than death data, since infection numbers depend on when and how tests were conducted, which is very different from country to country. Death data is a lot more concrete, but thankfully there’s much less of it, thus from a statistical perspective, the catch is that it is much more noisy. Also, probably there is a lot of noise on when the first death/infection happened, so the curves could be actually shifted a few days.

So there, nothing is perfect and I’m not really trying to say anything with this data, it just came up in some corona virus small talk (it really beats the weather nowadays doesn’t it?), so I’d thought I’d share it.

Use the dropdowns to change what the plot shows and turn countries on/off by clicking on their name. At the bottom you can choose to show the populations numbers I used, and set the starting criteria to something higher, than the first infection/death.

show since the first (s) on scale

Set starting criteria from first to per million.

Show populations: .

data last updated on: {{data.last_update}}

Data is from here, population sizes are from Wikipedia. If the chart fell apart the source format might have changed (it has happened already once). Please let me know and I will fix it. If the date you see is not yesterday and you are a returning viewer, you might need to force refresh your browser (ctrl click on refresh for Chrome).